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There are enough problems in the world to solve, big and small... and students must publish their work to be seen.

About Us

The National Framework for IXNs (NFIXN) enables academia and industry to help each other to facilitate student R&D projects. We work with charities, healthcare, researchers, SMEs, public sector/government and large firms.The Industry Exchange Network (IXN) is a teaching methodology, created at UCL by Dr Dean Mohamedally & Dr Graham Roberts (UCL Computer Science), and with Geoff Hughes and Lee Stott (Microsoft UK) in 2011. The IXN teaching methodology enabling students to enhance their degree training in a wide variety of real-world problem-solving projects as part of their courses.

Our work is open sourced to serve humanity and educate the next generation, accessible between universities by MOU with University College London, UK.

Dr Dean Mohamedally
Dr Dean Mohamedally

Associate Professor
Chair for the NFIXN
Chair for the IXN for the NHS
University College London

Dr Graham Roberts
Dr Graham Roberts

Associate Professor
Co-Chair for the NFIXN
University College London

Dr Yun Fu
Dr Yun Fu

Lecturer and Apps Engineering Director
University College London

IXN Industry Leadership and Advocacy

Lee Stott Microsoft
Lee Stott

Principal Cloud Advocate
Director for the Microsoft IXNP Programme (MSIXNP)

John McNamara IBM
John McNamara

IBM Master Inventor
UK University Programs Lead
Director for the IBM IXN

Prof Joseph Connor - NHS
Prof Joseph Connor

CTO in the NHS
AI in Healthcare and NHS Vendors
Co-Chair for IXN for the NHS
University College London (Hon)

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