IXN Programmes

IXN for the NHS

Clinicians and healthcare workers across the country can propose projects for students working at their nearest IXN university collaboration. This programme is run jointly with Apperta Foundation, GOSH DRIVE and the Royal College of General Practitioners.

IXN Trials

A sub-group of the IXN for the NHS, IXN Trials is starting in 2021 with enabling proof of concepts in healthcare to mature into research trials, especially for clinical settings with national guidelines for validation. It is in collaboration with GOSH DRIVE and several medical schools.

NXI Summer Internships and IXN Schools Ambassadors

A programme of activities for university students to gain further project experiences on their CV by undertaking both paid and voluntary work internships roles in early research, teaching and industry. Students can also give back to others and reinforce their learning through the Schools Ambassadors programme which is part of a wider Coding Curriculum initiative.

IXN for Good

The first IXN was born out of helping charities with technologies that they could not otherwise get access to and enabling students to engage real world requirements that can really make a difference. Now we enable charities globally to submit their proposals for projects which are seen by a wide variety of industries. As part of their philanthropic and Tech for Good initiatives, they then pair in collaboration with university students to help bring about change. The initiative is led by Sheena Visram. See ixnforgood.com for more information.


As one of the four founding partner organisations on the National Framework, IBM have developed their IBM IXN programme to acquire projects for students from across their business.

The IBM IXN programme is led by John McNamara.

IXN INVENT – Inventors and Entrepreneurs Working Group

A programme of activities for talented new inventors to be partnered with industry entrepreneurs via university connections. More information coming soon.