Interested in joining us?

As a company?

If you are representing the R&D in your company, we are happy to connect you to all of our university partners on the National Framework for IXNs to enable term time projects with university students. All IP on the term time projects of students are owned by the project-hosting company.

Key criteria for joining are: 1) availability of technical mentors in your organisation 2) preparation of ethically safe data for students to work on projects 3) time to meet with students weekly and 4) time to review the students work.

This is typically done by members of an engineering based team in your corporate setting.



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As a University or College?

We are seeking to grow the open network of lead project coordinators and course directors looking to add or refine industry engagement on their degree curricula. Our materials are free and open sourced, accessible by MOU signed between departments and faculties with University College London where our programme began.

Though this has originated in an engineering and Computer Science setting, we are wholly open to other faculty groups looking to engage partnerships in university and college level education.

Please feel free to reach out to us to find out more on how we could collaborate.



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